Essential Aboriginal Insights:

The guide book for anyone involved in Closing the Gaps in Australia

Making a Difference in Australian Workplaces and Closing the Gaps between Cultures.

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Essential Aboriginal Insights


This Book offers my learnings over my lifetime with a focus on a universal Aboriginal cultural value of sharing. I want to share this with you. I want to empower the relationships between Aboriginal Communities and those responsible for achieving positive outcomes for Aboriginal people. I want Aboriginal Communities to be understood, respected and supported.


Jolleen Hicks

Jolleen Hicks, the second child of Joan was born in Wickham, Western Australia (Ngarluma country) and grew up in Roebourne (also Ngarluma country). The community she grew up in is well known for mostly the wrong reasons. It has a difficult relationship with the media, making the news mostly for negative reasons. However, the stories that are mostly missed are the stories of great strength and resilience. Her strong interest in Aboriginal issues first developed when she was at university, but her desire to have a voice that was heard came much later after she returned home to Roebourne after pursuing education and career over a period of 12 years. Jolleen graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from the University of WA in April 2006 at age 23. Jolleen officially started Aboriginal Insights in 2016, and in 2017, her beautiful daughter, Lucy, was born inspiring her to share her knowledge with workplaces. Jolleen wants to lift the cultural awareness of Australians to empower stronger Relationships in Australia.

This Book will also be a bible guide to many people involved in any capacity with Aboriginal people – from Government employees involved in Aboriginal Affairs to people involved in health and education to the Corporate Sector with Native Title Agreements or Reconciliation Action Plans in place to Non-Government Organisations involved in Closing Gaps that exist between Aboriginal & Non-Aboriginal Australians.

Jolleen hicks

Founder of Aboriginal Insights, and Ngarluma-Aboriginal woman from Roebourne

A Brief Overview

Some of the important topics covered in this Book are:

  • Assumptions made about Aboriginal Communities
  • Research (on historical events and issues specific to a community)
  • Phases of Consultation, Engagement Methods or Engagement Event
  • Building Respectful Relationships, and
  • Insights on the Aboriginal Cultural World

I highly recommend it to all Australians and Australian Workplaces who are truly committed to reconciliation and closing the gap in this country. I also see this as central to creating safe, inclusive and mentally healthy workplaces and communities. Thank you Jolleen Hicks  for sharing your wisdom, expertise and insights and making this essential training so accessible. I’m very much looking forward to learning more on this journey. 

Dr. Sadhbh (Sive) Joyce

Senior Psychologist & Co-Founder of  Adjunct Lecturer at The Black Dog Institute/UNSW 

I highly recommend to every community member and leader to read Jolleen’s book ‘Essential Aboriginal Insights’ and attend her training face to face or online. I have learnt so much from Jolleen and feel determined to do what I can to support change in my role at Zonta House but also in our greater community. Jolleen’s passion, perseverance and determination has been evident in all of our interactions and teachings. My sincere gratitude and thanks for sharing your truths Jolleen, supporting the community and especially workplaces on how we can live in a better world, close the gaps (not just halve them) and why we should all want to live in a reconciled Australia.

Kelda Opperman

CEO Zonta House

Jolleen Hicks is an exceptional leader both within her community and nationally. She is effectively championing and ensuring that entities engage in a culturally appropriate way with Aboriginal people. We engaged Jolleen to deliver her Cultural Insights program to police officers. It was one of the best things we did. Her program has hit the mark in improving Police capability to engage with Aboriginal communities.


Consultant - Police Dept.

Empower Yourself to Close the Gaps by Purchasing a Copy of this Book

One of the most important National Strategies in Australia is the National Closing the Gap Strategy that seeks to address the inequalities that exist within Australia between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. One of those inequalities is life expectancy – living shorter lives. After more than 10 years of the Closing the Gap Strategy, we are collectively, failing as a country. Part of this failure lies in our approach to understanding Aboriginal people and their Communities. To Close the Gaps for Aboriginal Peoples, we need to commit to Closing our own Gap with respect to understanding the people we need to help/ assist/ empower. My Book is my response to the lack of training and guidance offered by the Mainstream education system. My Book shares my learnings from Aboriginal people and the cultural systems that governs them.

Acknowledgement of Country

I recognise and acknowledge that we live on Aboriginal lands in Australia. I pay my respects to the many separate Aboriginal peoples and their cultures of the lands of this country. I am grateful to yours and my old people for their strength, resilience and survival, so that present and future generations can continue to walk these lands with pride.

I personally recognise my Elders and thank them for their courage, strength, and spirit that they continue to walk with to inspire us younger ones.

My work through Aboriginal Insights is about supporting and empowering respect for Aboriginal people and cultures from across Australia.