Don't Just Tick The Boxes

Make Sure Your Aboriginal Engagement Strategy Counts

Cultural Awareness, Understanding & Reconciliation education for your workplace

Are you looking for Cultural Awareness Training that actually will make a difference to your workplace, your employees, and the community they work with?

Our Protocol Pathways Cultural Awareness education provides the framework where Indigenous and non-Indigenous people can meet, talk openly and learn respect for each other on many levels.

Aboriginal Insights is a leading provider in the Cultural Awareness Training space.   It is not enough to undertake a one-off short course and believe they know enough to achieve outcomes relating to Aboriginal People; or state that they have worked with Aboriginal People for years.

This belief is part of why we have failed in Aboriginal Affairs for 30 years. We need all levels of workplaces from Boards to Senior Leadership, to everyone else, to commit to and be supported to undertake ongoing cultural education. The space of cultural education has been evolving and the opportunities to gain essential lessons, learnings, and tools that work, are more today, than 5 years ago. 

An essential part of your cultural awareness training must include Understanding how we have arrived at this point in time – gaps of inequalities, commitments to respond to these gaps, commitments to build respect and relationships, commitments to provide employment and business opportunities, etc. 

Those that learn from Aboriginal Insights take their learnings back to their workplace, family, friends, and into their community. They are encouraged to share this new understanding of what Reconciliation means and how to put it into practice.

This is how we will make a difference. Not a tick the box – short course but learnings that provide answers to the unasked questions, determine discussion amongst others and result in changes of long-term prejudices and restricted thoughts. We all have two lenses that influence how we view the world – a personal lens influenced by our family values, beliefs, and attitudes; and a professional lens influenced by our professional experiences and environments. We must commit to developing a third lens to make an impact in Aboriginal Affairs – an Aboriginal Community lens. We need to be able to recognise and respect the need to apply this third lens to matters related to Aboriginal People. 

Cultural Awareness education doesn't stop when you finish the lesson. it is but the start of a journey to make a difference to all Australians. 

It starts Conversations and in turn, Awareness and Learnings that may never have Eventuated

Vanessa - One2One Midland

It starts conversations and in turn, awareness and learnings that may have never eventuated without your guidance. The content and your ability to tell a story was outstanding and I thank you for that. Regards Vanessa 



"The first step requires Understanding and Empathy about this country's Truth"

Our Online Cultural Learning takes users into a safe space that offers unique learning tailored to suit workplaces committed to building both Cultural Awareness and Cultural Confidence. Our Online Cultural Learning specifically focuses on the important values of: Truth & Healing; Respect; and Relationships.

We don't believe in ticking boxes, this is a journey to making a difference. 'Change for Tomorrow starts Today'

Only Aboriginal Insights offers three levels of cultural education described as Protocols. Guidelines that explain the correct conduct and procedures to be followed when engaging with Aboriginal People's.

Aboriginal Insights provides Cultural Awareness Training for all organisations large and small.  Our Cultural Awareness 101 online learning course takes the student on a journey of understanding common cultural differences of Aboriginal Peoples to encourage the learning of the unique lived experiences and cultural identities of individuals, and families.

All students complete the course with an understanding of why the one size fits all approach does not work, and what they need to learn to determine the best way to engage or build respect and relationships with an Aboriginal person.

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Cultural Awareness Learnings that have impact.

Only Aboriginal Insights offers certification for undertaking their Course Protocols. Displaying this badging on your email signature shows others that you have completed Aboriginal Insights cultural education to that level. To display the badging on your company or organisation website or documents, you show that your workplace has made a significant commitment to providing Aboriginal Insights education to your workplace. 

To influence your workplace culture to have respect for Aboriginal People and cultures and create a Culturally Safe workplace requires a commitment to offering cultural education to a significant number of your employees or everyone. One or two people will not make the impact needed. We are here to support your workforce through our Protocols. 

Cultural Awareness education doesn’t stop when you have finished the lesson. It is but the start of a journey to make a difference for all Australians.........learn more about Aboriginal Insights Protocols 

Insights cultural protocols


Online Courses designed to reach out and connect with those wanting to learn, understand and make a difference. Whether learning as a requirement for workplaces, cultural empathy, or wanting to engage with community.

Online Learning is the perfect format for all workplaces.


Aboriginal Insights Workshops are designed to specifically respond to the needs and challenges connected to Aboriginal Engagement. They focus on creating understanding as to why we need to engage, what the challenges are, and how to engage in a culturally informed way. Our workshops may be customised to suit the needs of any workplace, and can be delivered in-person or online.

Organisation multi-staff License 

Are you a large organisation that wants to roll out cultural awareness across your locations and employees and provide additional training for your Leadership Team? We can customise specific education plans to suit your industry, budget, training platform and deliverables. 

Corporate Training

We can develop corporate packages that include all of our cultural education products to suit the needs of any workplace/ industry/ sector. This may include workshops; online learning licences; books; and/or independent advisory services. We reserve the right to work with genuine and authentic workplaces only.

I highly recommend it to all Australians and Australian Workplaces who are truly committed to reconciliation and closing the gap in this country. I also see this as central to creating safe, inclusive and mentally healthy workplaces and communities. Thank you Jolleen Hicks  for sharing your wisdom, expertise and insights and making this essential training so accessible. I’m very much looking forward to learning more on this journey.

Dr Sadhbh (Sive) Joyce

Senior Psychologist & Co-Founder of Adjunct Lecturer at The Black Dog Institute/UNSW

We work with Individuals, or Organisation across many sectors. Anyone who wants to change, improve and make a difference in their workplace by engaging with Indigenous Australians.

We Walk Together on a Journey of Education, Understanding, Discovery and Commitment to Making a Change.

Aboriginal Insights three Levels of Education known as Protocols are guidelines that explain the correct conduct and procedures to be followed.

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aboriginal insights protocol 2
aboriginal insights protocol 3

On a Personal Note!

On a Personal Note!

Dreams do come true because now I am a Teacher. 


It would be my pleasure to join you on your cultural education journey. Let’s walk together and make a positive difference for the current and future generations of Australians. 

Dreams do come true because now I am a Teacher. 


It would be my pleasure to join you on your cultural education journey. Let’s walk together and make a positive difference for the current and future generations of Australians. 

walk with me....

walk with me....

Jolleen Hicks

Jolleen Hicks

Acknowledgement of Country

I recognise and acknowledge that we live on Aboriginal lands in Australia. I pay my respects to the many separate Aboriginal peoples and their cultures of the lands of this country. I am grateful to yours and my old people for their strength, resilience and survival, so that present and future generations can continue to walk these lands with pride.

I personally recognise my Elders and thank them for their courage, strength, and spirit that they continue to walk with to inspire us younger ones.

My work through Aboriginal Insights is about supporting and empowering respect for Aboriginal people and cultures from across Australia.