Aboriginal Insights offers online cultural awareness training that is in demand from all sectors, with a specific focus on Aboriginal Engagement.

Online Courses

Get an in-depth learning about Aboriginal People and their Cultures delivered right to your computer.

Aboriginal Insights

Bringing a higher level of understanding, respect, and appreciation of the Aboriginal Community and their culture through learned expertise and authentic personal experiences.

Aboriginal Voices

Aboriginal people themselves must lead the way in closing the shameful and depressing gap that exists in every community. Hear from Aboriginal People about matters that directly affect them and their Communities.


Get an in-depth and unique learning about Aboriginal People’s and their Cultures delivered right to your computer. Make an investment in your cultural learning journey.

About Jolleen Hicks

Aboriginal Insights was founded by Ngarluma- Aboriginal woman, Jolleen Hicks, in 2016.


“Aboriginal Insights offers Professional Development/ Cultural Development workshops for anyone involved in #ClosingGaps for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Our training is honest; engaging; practical; insightful; and empowering. Our Founder is a strong advocate for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities that is respectfully sharing her knowledge and experience to empower others.”  Jolleen Hicks, Founder of Aboriginal Insights My half day workshop on “Engaging with Aboriginal People” is available for in house group sessions to companies; organisations; and Govt agencies across Australia. If your employer is committed to Cultural Development, then you will be interested in my unique workshop. Just email me at jolleen@aboriginalinsights.com.au.


“Jolleen is a thorough professional and will certainly provide a meticulously prepared program for your organisation.”


“Jolleen is making a difference. Not just for herself as a skilled professional able “to walk both sides of the street” but someone who has returned to her own community to help bring understanding and respect between us with our Western culture and her people with their ancient culture. I admire her tremendously. ”


“She has never wavered in her determination to use her talents and skills to build capacity in her own Aboriginal community as well as conducting a successful business. To me she is a poster woman for the way ahead for Aboriginal people and I am proud to be a friend.”