Aboriginal Insights

Jolleen Hicks Events

Aboriginal Insights will be delivering all future

Cultural Foundations in Workplaces Workshops

for the foreseeable future ONLINE.

We are currently updating our website in preparation for the Live Online Workshop.

Please direct any enquiries to info@aboriginalinsights.com.au

Please note:

  • Virtual Workshops only until further notice
  • All workshops are $189 + GST
  • Limit of 45 registrations per workshop
  • Workshops will be delivered via Zoom
  • Registered attendees will require access to a computer and internet
  • Jolleen will be available at the end of the sessions for up to 1 hour to answer the questions of registered attendees
  • All attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance

My half day workshop on “Cultural Foundations in Workplaces” is available for in house group sessions to companies; organisations; and Government agencies across Australia online until further notice. If your employer is committed to Cultural Development, then you will be interested in my unique workshop. Just email me at  info@aboriginalinsights.com.au.