Get access to learning about Aboriginal People’s and their Cultures delivered right to your computer – at your own pace and in your own time! Aboriginal Insights offers learning that may be applied to every workplace and includes tools relating to Aboriginal Engagement and Relationships.

Our Founder is committed to ensuring that all Australians have access to our online learning.

Now LAUNCHED – Cultural Awareness 101 for ALL Workplaces. 

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Founded in 2016, Aboriginal Insights is committed to empowering the relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. We have proven to have a positive impact on the cultures of workplaces through our learning products specifically tailored for anyone working in the spaces of supporting and empowering Aboriginal People’s and their Communities. This extends to Government Agencies; Not for Profit Service Providers; Corporate Businesses; Local Governments; Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services; Mining Companies; Small Businesses; and Representative Bodies.

In addition to our highly successful workshops, we offer Online Cultural Learning that allows flexible learning and the ability to reach large numbers of staff across multiple locations. Our Online Cultural Learning is NOW AVAILABLE.

  1. Latest Course release
      a.  Cultural Awareness 101 for all Australian Workplaces
  2. Library of Resources including articles written by myself
  3. Videos on specific topics of interest (from myself)
  4. Online Discussion Groups (I will be personally available to respond to questions in these groups)
  5. Individual Dashboards for each person (similar to a profile)
I am developing **new courses:
1. Closing the Gaps in Education
2. Closing the Gaps in Health
3. Reconciliation
4. Indigenous Procurement Policies
5. Cultural Safety in the Workplace
6. Cultural Learning – Ngarluma Culture
**All courses require the completion of the Cultural Awareness 101 course to access.


Contact Details


Jolleen Hicks

Founder & Managing Director





Our difference lies in the unique knowledge; experience; and success of our Founder and Content Designer, Jolleen Hicks. She has extensive experience of working with Aboriginal People’s from a diverse representation of cultures and gained extensive knowledge of cultural differences held between Nations while working as a Native Title Lawyer in WA & QLD. Her professional experience extends to the sectors of Mining; Legal; Aboriginal Health; Small Business/ Consulting; Boards/ Corporate Governance; and Advocacy.

“I confidently and respectfully walk in and participate in two worlds, and I share my knowledge of this to empower others. My uniqueness lies in my ability to translate my learnings from one world to the other, in the language that is required. My hope is that all Australians will embrace our 65,000 + ancient heritage as their heritage. I am in the business of social impact. I shift attitudes to empower relationships.”

Jolleen Hicks

Founder of Aboriginal Insights, and Ngarluma & Yindjibarndi Aboriginal woman from Roeburne


Our Online Cultural Learning takes users into a safe space that offers unique learning tailored to suit workplaces committed to building both Cultural Awareness and Cultural Confidence. Our Online Cultural Learning specifically focuses on the important values of: Truth & Healing; Respect; and Relationships.


      We are offering a limited number of licences to employers with a minimum of 100 staff.
      Please contact us direct to discuss at info@aboriginalinsights.com.au.


All online learning users will be offered $5 off the cost of our Cultural Learning resource, “Essential Aboriginal Insights – A Guide for Anyone Involved in Closing Gaps”.