E – Learning

Get an in-depth learning about Aboriginal People’s and their Cultures delivered right to your computer – at your own pace and in your own time! Get insights direct from Aboriginal People themselves.

On-site, Online, and On-the-Go

Aboriginal Insights offers in-demand online cultural awareness learning from all sectors, with a specific focus on Aboriginal Engagement – a core component of Cultural Awareness.

We are happy to offer our first online learning option, “Aboriginal Insights on Engaging Aboriginal Communities.” This training package was developed by our Aboriginal Insights Founder, Jolleen Hicks, to provide a proven successful approach to consultation and engagement with Aboriginal Communities in order for meaningful outcomes to be achieved from the large investment of funding into Aboriginal Communities. We strongly believe that the key to achieving successful outcomes in Aboriginal Communities is to firstly achieve successful engagement. This workshop is also available for in-house delivery to groups by Jolleen herself.


Complete at your

own pace

One of the advantages of E-learning or Online Courses is that you can access the materials anytime, anywhere through the internet.


24 hours/ 7 days access to learning

Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, our 24/7 access to learning gives you the freedom to explore knowledge and learn whenever you are comfortable and ready.

Flexibility to log in from any computer device

You will be able to access from any computer since you will be provided your own username and password.

Easy Payment Option

Our easy payment option allows for you to pay for the program through the PayPal platform.

Receipt of Certificate of Completion

Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll receive your certificate with your name on it via e-mail which you can print out.