About Us

Aboriginal Insights offers Australians and International visitors access to the Aboriginal cultural world with the intent that such insights will lead to stronger partnerships, stronger relationships, stronger respect, stronger understanding, and stronger appreciation of Aboriginal peoples’ and their cultures in Australia.

Aboriginal Insights was created by Ngarluma- Aboriginal woman, Jolleen Hicks in 2016. Jolleen has a background that covers successful Aboriginal Engagement with over twenty separate Aboriginal groups in Australia; leadership; and business. Jolleen believes that reconciliation cannot be achieved without understanding; recognition; and respect between Aboriginal people’s and non-Aboriginal people.

Jolleen has spent ten years developing her knowledge; skills; and capacity in order to confidently and comfortably walk in two worlds, while maintaining her strong family values that were instilled in her by her mother, Joan.


I was born in Wickham, Western Australia (Ngarluma country), being the second child to my mother, Joan. My mother is the strongest role model in my life and is the person who has inspired my passion; determination; and potential. My mother is an amazing woman of great family values and respect for people. She is my biggest and strongest supporter.

My older brother (Gaja) has always played an important role in my life as a strong male role model. He is an extremely hard worker and has always offered support and encouragement to me in pursuing my dreams. I grew up in my mothers’ home town of Roebourne and attended Roebourne Primary School. My community is well known for mostly the wrong reasons. It has a difficult relationship with the media, making the news mostly for negative reasons. However, the stories that are mostly missed are the stories of great strength and resilience. My childhood was spent attending school every day with my younger brother, William (one of the best things a parent can do for their child is to ensure that they attend school); playing with my friends; weekend trips out bush or fishing; playing tee-ball for Roebourne; exploring the Harding River; and swimming at the local pool after we finally got one built. As the eldest daughter, I also helped my Mum out with my younger sister, Jessica, and brother, Ramon, on a daily basis. I am very proud of the amazing young adults that they are today. My eldest brother (Gaja) is a Train Driver; my younger brother is a Ranger; my younger sister is studying Social Work; and our youngest brother (Nyirdi) is in training to be a Train Driver like our Gaja.

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Vision, Purpose, and Mission

Aboriginal Insights has great potential to change mindsets and build the understandings and respect between both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. It is my response to the unfortunate failure of continuous services and programs to “Close the Gap” in Aboriginal communities. This Gap is real and the reality of it is visible in my community of Roebourne. Aboriginal Australians are 13 times more likely to be imprisoned than non-Aboriginal people, and expected to die 10 years earlier. Aboriginal children aged between 10 and 17 years are 17 times more likely to have been under youth supervision than non-Aboriginal children. This is the reality and we, Aboriginal Australians, make up only 3% of the Australian population. I always knew that I was destined to make a positive impact in my own community, but through my life journey, I realised that this impact could be bigger than my community. This impact is delivered through my consultancy; my community roles; and now, through Aboriginal Insights.

A Unique Journey

Aboriginal Insights is built on my unique identity; journey; experiences; perspectives; and understandings. My identity is intertwined with my Aboriginal family (Hicks); my home town of Roebourne; my traditional Aboriginal language group, Ngarluma;  my family’s traditional country, the Ngurin; my mentors; my friends; and my willingness to learn from others.