Aboriginal Insights was established in 2016 and started out with a focus on Cultural Awareness workshops focused on Community Engagement. In 2019, the business has evolved to offer customised workshops to suit the needs of sectors and employers in the space of Aboriginal Peoples; Communities; and Social Impact. The workshops go beyond “Awareness” to being Essential Professional Development for anyone involved in the spaces of Closing Gaps; Reconciliation; Diversity & Inclusion; Relationships; Employment; Community Engagement; Decision-Making; and Representation.

The key difference are the skills; experience; and unique background of our facilitator, Jolleen Hicks.

“I have been privileged in my learning of Aboriginal Cultures. For the first seventeen years of my life, I was exclusively part of the Aboriginal Community of Roebourne, located in the Pilbara region of WA. My cultural learning extended to my Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi cultures through my family and Community. I identify as both Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi through my great grandparents who raised my mother, Joan. Through this foundational Community learning, I can appreciate the learnings of Aboriginal people that have always lived in their Aboriginal Community and/or had minimal exposure to the western system that operates outside of their Aboriginal Community.

The difference
For the next nine years of my life, I lived in Perth, where I studied law and then worked for two employers, Rio Tinto; and Allens (law firm). Living in Perth, I gained my first learnings of the corporate and legal systems that operate in the mainstream western system. For the next three years, I worked in the native title legal system representing Aboriginal People’s from Aboriginal Cultures in the Kimberley region of WA; and the Southern half of QLD, as a Native Title Lawyer. This is when I developed my foundational skillset for engaging with Aboriginal People’s and began appreciating the barriers or challenges to engagement. These most related to historical experiences of the relevant families.

The main difference to my Cultural Learning is my exposure to many separate Aboriginal Cultures from across Australia; my appreciation of the diversity of Aboriginal Cultures that are present in any one location; my understanding of the barriers to engagement; and my development of learning and strategies to specifically respond to such barriers.

I am passionate about teaching and value the opportunity to be part of the Cultural Learning journey of individuals and employers.”

If you are an employer committed to achieving IMPACT CHANGE in Australia and empowering relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australian, please contact us about our workshops via jolleen@aboriginalinsights.com.au.

Jolleen Hicks

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One of the most important National Strategies is the National Closing the Gap Strategy that seeks to address the inequalties that exist within Australia between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.